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Where it all begins. The Secret is out!

This 3 step process has been our secret to all of our model's beautiful skin in all of our campaigns.


Our makeup artist uses this 3 core essentials,which formula has been  

perfected by a leading french dermatologist so now everyone is #skingoals

Our entire #skingoals lineup is about immediate results and easy-to-use formulas. Our products are designed to work together to instantly optimize your skin.


SKINGOALS consist of three core essentials that everyone needs, that serves as the building blocks to your unique makeup routine:




BOTOX-fied : Huile De Jeunesse  

Pre Makeup Base + Skincare 


  • Formulated in France by : Dr. Genevieve Mao Dubois (French Skincare Dermatologist)

  • Botoxified is designed to mimic the look of getting Botox but without the needles

       The results that comes with using this can be seen immediately after 1 use.


  • PHASE 1 serves as a Pre Makeup Base with with Skincare benefits, It can be used with makeup (before foundation) or as a daily skincare add-on. Its exclusive complex, enriched with essential essence (Algae , magnolia bark, prune, chamomile) provides substantial vitamins and minerals to the skin that offer global age-defying action with cutting-edge performance.

oill2 copy.jpg

GOOD GENES : Backstage MIX-IN Medium

Mix-in Medium for Foundation / Concealer

  • Formulated in United States

  • Ready to take your foundation to the next level? Good Genes is made to make your foundation look as if it was airbrushed onto your skin, it instantly transform your foundation to this addictively luxurious feel that's like nothing else out there!

  • Our high-tech formula is formulated with Micro Nano Silica to give that SOFT FOCUS ,SMOOTH and MATTE look to your foundation

  • PHASE 2 serves as a foundation/concealer mixing medium that transforms any foundation to give your skin an airbrushed look. Good Genes mix in medium add's coverage to your existing foundation transforming it into fuller coverage with a soft focus, smooth effect.


HASHTAGS & SELFIES : Brume Fixatrice A La Noix De Coco

Setting Spray 

  • Formulated in France

  • All natural facial soothing mist, infused with thirst-quenching coconut water and packed with essential minerals and vitamins to provide well-hydrated and radiant-looking skin.

  • Coconut infused mist is packed with cytokines which help promote cell growth. This works to help skin repair faster, as well as reduce damage

  • Effectively delivers hydration as well as other skin care benefits, such as soothing, regenerating, and anti-aging properties.

  • PHASE 3 serves  as a makeup setting spray , add a dewy glow, as well as binding liquid & powders together to provide you with a natural skin like effect after makeup. It can also be used after cleansing, before moisturizing or throughout the day.Keep your skin protected and hydrated all day. .