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For a top model,

flawless looking " skin is necessary  

Yet, the job also calls for early call times, multiple shows and late night social gatherings—not quite the recipe for a flawless complexion. Without a crazy schedule, most of us are still trying to figure out how to combat breakouts, enlarged pores. fine lines and dull skin.

So, how do models like Taylor Hill and Kendall Jenner (who has admitted to being acne-prone)  maintain flawless looking skin?


The secret lies within a series of steps that makeup artists complete backstage. 

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 Brunch in Versailles 


Crème barrière matifiante / Matifying skin barrier base

Healthy-looking skin begins and ends with a healthy skin barrier. In the midst of treating textural issues with skincare, it is also important to create a defense barrier when you apply makeup, or else it will just further lead to dehydration, breakout which results in constant texture on your skin,


Our Matifying skin barrier base is everything you need to create the defense barrier while also smoothing out the textured look of your skin while having makeup on . Using  MICRO-SPONGE Technology This formula helps control shine, as well as blurring out skin texture almost immediately by 40% after applying. Our dermatological formula is packed with  amazing skin barrier ingredients that helps support healthy skin even while you are wearing makeup.

STEP 1 -


STEP 2 -


Runways in Milan

Base pour le Visage Lissante / Instant Texture Smoothing Primer


With 40% of skin texture conquered in step 1,


Step 2 calls for spot concealing the leftover texture on the skin, This formula uses advanced adaptive silicones to act as a matte, hydrating, blurring primer for makeup that looks higher in definition and lasts longer.


This silky formula can be used alone or can be worn under makeup to create a smoother-than-smooth canvas reducing the looks of pores and imperfections almost immediately. The adaptive silicones used in this formula acts as an occlusive to protect the skin from  environmental stressors / pollution.

STEP 3 -


Summer in Saint-Pierre

Brume Apaisante Hydratante / Soothing skin mist + Niacinamide

Final step that binds everything together!


When dealing with texture on the skin its often forgotten that hydration is important .  Our Dermatological formula is packed with goodness like Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Calendula Extract and Witch Hazel which acts as a finishing spray that helps deliver targeted results in just one spritz. This soothing mist hydrate,soothe,heal,skin while binding your makeup together as a last step to ensure flawless makeup base.

This Dermatological formula can also be used as an addition to your skincare routine : This helps with smoothing out skin texture in a long run

Finish : Satin Glow

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